The documentary film “Mount Of Faith” has been selected in many National and international festivals

The Mount of Faith







It won the “Los Angeles Cinefest Award” for the Best documentary










It was selected for the “Great Lake Christian Film Festival” for the year 2016 held in Buffalo New York.







Also it was selected in 5 out of the 6 film festivals in which it had entered in the Indian film festival circuit. Out of 5 selection it won 4 awards.

Best Cinematography Jury














Best Documentary for 2nd Searchlight Short film festival.

Official Selection List-2 copy

Best Cinematography for Jaipur International Film Festival









The mount of faith- Best Documentary











The trailer which is displayed on youtube and Facebook site has been selected for the “Hollywood film Competition”. The results will be held by the end of the year.

The views for this trailer has already touched over 2660 views on youtube–PIQ

and on Facebook over 24,000 people have checked the post as of 8th sept 2016 and over 8700 views

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