Sandhya Films & Creation is a brain child of Lavy Pinto.

“Sandhya” means Twilight and twilight leads one either to a new day or to a beautiful night. We too at Sandhya Films & Creation intend to lead audiences in Maharashtra, India and & hopefully around the globe to new and beautiful cinema.

Starting our banner towards the end of 2010, in the cold and sultry month of December, we still are little fledgings in this huge world of cinema. Our banner will steady itself as we learn to walk before we have the confidence to soar and fly.

What’s new…

Two new short films on social awareness, “I Love you Nani” and “Mother Earth” will be going to the film festival circuit. “I Love you Nani” has been directed by student director Ms. Ethel Misquitta and will be going to the film festivals in the students category. The second short film has been made by Mr. Vijay Nair, it is complimenting the vision of our present Prime minister on “Swachh Bharat”.

Another of our due releases is our Latest documentary, “Mother of Perpetual Help, An Icon of Love” which will be soon completed and released. The release date is for June 2016, as the feast day for Our Lady of Perpetual Help is on 27th June 2016.

Our Future releases,


Mother of Perpetual Help, An Icon of Love….. Releasing in June 2016

New Poster








I Love you Nani, ……..Releasing 1st week of May

I love you nani









Mother Earth, …….. Releasing 1st week May

Poster Mother earth







Down the  years, our releases,


Mount of Faith, …….Released in August 2014

names in gold









Chappal Chor, …..Released in May 2013

Chappal Chor






Love is Vaat, ………..Released in Feb 2013

Love is Vaat Design 2 - 7'x7'









Trusha, …………Released in June 2011

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