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I love you nani

I Love You Nani – A short film on the relationship between a modern young girl and her orthodox grandmother.

This movie  has already been selected for the “Salem Short Film Festival”


Mother Earth – A silent film on “Swachh Bharat”

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Completed films….

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The Mount Of Faith – A film on the Basilica of Mount Mary, a famous Catholic shrine and a tourist attraction in the city of Mumbai. Interviews of people from different walks of life including , “Bishops” , “Priests” and famous Bollywood actor “Salman Khan” can be seen and heard in this film. A very touching film which won four awards in the Indian film festival circuit.

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Chappal Chor – This is a silent short film which tells a fascinatingCcPoster
story of a pair of Sandals. Completed by the 2nd  week of may 2013

Link to Chappal-Chor Face Book Page




Love is Vaat Design 2 - 7'x7'

Love Is Vaat – There are misunderstandings in love. A lot of time we allow these misunderstandings to get the better of us. We follow principles in life and when these principles are compromised, irrespective of the reason, we end up taking harsh decisions.

In this movie we wish to send a message to all young couples who are in love, to rise above these misunderstandings by sorting them out and learn to grow up in love before it gets too late…..
The movie was released in mid February. Read related article at MarathiStars






TRUSHA – Its a story of a girl of our times. Most of the youth of our present times believe that you have to prove your love with money, showering of gifts etc…

TrushaBannerTrusha is a girl who lives happily with her father. She then gets disillusioned and is willing to forsake the love of her father for her love. In the end she learns the true meaning of love.

The movie ‘Trusha’ has a suspense which unravels towards the end.